Fulham fans have grown accustomed to shocking levels of journalism at the Evening Standard. But coming home last night, you might have been cheered by the sight of a whole page dedicated to the Whites’ win over Arsenal in the paper. Never fear, though, Dan Jones wasn’t about to break the habit of a lifetime. In his piece which seems to have been predicated on the time he stole a crafty drag on a Fulham fan’s cigarette there are some glaring errors:

Fulham are a peculiar side under Jol. They are certainly not as roundly bad as some of their Eeyorish supporters would have it. They are troubled by inglorious inconsistency: capable of taking four points from their two fixtures with Arsenal, holding Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool to draws and smashing six past their local rivals QPR; but able to lose to so-so teams like Wolves and Everton.

Presumably, Jones missed Clint Dempsey’s late winner over Liverpool, then.

Then there’s this:

At times they turn up looking like the worst team in the league – as on Boxing Day, when crock-nobbled Manchester United strolled five past them.

Boxing Day saw Fulham hold Chelsea to a draw at Stamford Bridge, something Jones alluded to earlier in the very same paragraph. United thrashed Fulham at Craven Cottage on December 21st. You’d think a football writer on London’s major evening paper might bother to get these things right – or at least a sub-editor could correct them.