Apologies for the delay in posting but I have only just woken from the snore-fest that was Saturday’s match against Sunderland. Don’t get me wrong, excitement is not always the best thing, and I’m happy that we came away with a point but it would’ve been nice if *something* had happened. In the match, I mean. I was with two other people on Saturday and between us we managed to get distracted by the police; the seagulls; the glimmer of the sun on the roof of another stand; chocolate brownies; Twitter; pondering where those chaps in the leotards kept their wallets….


Annoyingly, the one really exciting thing – Mark Schwarzer’s superhuman save right near the end – was up the other end of the pitch and I couldn’t see it properly. That’s no reflection on the Stadium of Light by the way, I like it there and it’s probably one of my favourite away trips but even my 20/20 vision can’t see through the crowd of players in the opposite box at that distance.


Not sure what else to say really. There was nothing. No banter between the fans, no terrible decisions to berate the referee for, no beach balls… We have been playing better (prettier, more attacking) football recently but even that was seemingly left down in London. One newspaper review I read yesterday suggested that the Europa League run is already taking its toll on our squad, together with the recent spate of injuries and the international week in which a number of key squad members played their little socks off, maybe we can just put this down to a bad day. I hope so, because I’m not travelling to Swansea, Twente and Norwich in December to stare at bloody seagulls.


NB Tor’s Travels will be absent next week as I’m not going to Arsenal. It smelt funny last time.