After talks of a bust up between Jol and Zamora before Sundays game, The Sun seems to want to keep the story going for a bit longer by writing that Jol is facing a backlash from the senior players after reportedly fining Kasami £5oo last week. According to reports, Kasami was fined after taking the penalty against Chelsea in the Carling Cup and missing. Although this seems that he is being fined because he missed the kick, it was actually because Orlando Sa was the designated kicker so he has went against the managers wishes. However, I don’t think we can take anything too seriously whenever the source is from an unnamed ‘Fulham insider’. It was the same thing after the reports of the Fulham-Jol bust up- there was no name given in the article about who said these things. The way the players came out and played on Sunday seems to show that there is no issue between Jol and the players so I think it is just paper talk.

To be fair to Jol, if he has fined Kasami an extremley small amount of money (for a PL footballer of course. As a student, £500 seems like a momentous amount!) for going directly against his instructions then I think that he has the right to do so! This is a matter of disipline, not a punishment for not scoring!