Steed Malbranque has dismissed rumours of his impending retirement in a statement issued by the French midfielder’s advisors.

Reports from France over the weekend claimed that the former Fulham midfielder had been released from his contract with St. Etienne after his son had been diagnosed with cancer. The stories surprised Malbranque, who had only moved back to France from Sunderland this summer, because he doesn’t have a son. Malbranque, who also played for Tottenham during a ten-year career in English football, insists he is still playing.

A statement issued to the Press Association read:

Steed has read with concern the recent stories currently circulating about him and his family. He would like to reassure all of his friends in England and throughout world football that these stories are wholly without foundation.

Steed does not have a son and his immediate family are all in good health. Steed does not know the origin of these stories but would like to stress that they are without merit.

He trusts that they will now cease immediately.