I think most people would agree that it was a much better display from the team today. We still lack the finishing power and a bit of pace I think though. Andy Johnson has pace but clearly isn’t impressing Jol enough to be called upon to start, possibly because he doesn’t find the net as much as he perhaps should considering his work rate. Stephen Kelly showed he can be quick when needed although I still worry when he gets too far forward that he might not make it back in time. Pace isn’t something that can be learnt or that’ll come with time either so either we’ll be very busy in the January transfer window or we need to find a way to play that works with the current squad. All in all though, I felt it was a positive performance. We started brightly, went a bit slow and allowed the goal but we got back into it. The second half was mostly all Fulham attacking which left my hear beating fast for hours after but was sadly fruitless. It’s almost as though opposition goals have some kind of forcefield around them.

So how did they do individually? I won’t rate Hughes as he wasn’t really on the pitch long enough for me to form an opinion.

Schwarzer – 7, did reasonably well I think although I don’t remember him having an awful lot to do, especially in the second half.

John-Arne Riise – 8, I like him a lot. He always seems to find acres of space and is sometimes horribly underused by others but knows his game & plays it well.

Senderos – 6, I’m not convinced and today did little to change that. Although I do like the fact that he’s not afraid to go in for challenges.

Hangeland – 7, another good performance from Big Brede. I hope Wenger wasn’t watching.

Kelly – 8, those who follow me on Twitter will know my feelings for Kelly and I hope you won’t think I’m being biased but I thought he did bloomin’ well today. Some good, well-timed tackles & some great crosses.

Duff – 9, brilliant just brilliant. He got himself about and showed some wonderful moves today. Added points for the flexibility of moving to left back to bring on another striker.

Murphy – 8, a good game from Captain Dan I thought. I know some aren’t keen but we’re lucky to have someone of his experience and intelligence.

Sidwell – 8, I love this man and I’m so happy to see him starting. He’s lively, intelligent and a great team player. Today looked as though he’d been part of our midfield for years.

Dempsey – 10, our American readers won’t be happy when I say I’m not Clint’s biggest fan but my God did he play well today and I’m proud to say he’s a Fulham player. He’s got some phenomenal skill which he put to great use today. Absolutely my man of the match.

Dembélé – 8, he’s great and probably one of our most talented players but today (as with most days) he seemed to only be able to move sideways and too scared to shoot which is beyond frustrating. Just take a punt Moose, one’ll go in eventually and it’ll do your confidence a world of good.

Bryan Ruiz – 6, hmmmm. A 45 minute debut in which he didn’t really impress. I’ll reserve judgment until we’ve seen a bit more from him.

Zamora – 9, great work rate, great finish for the goal. It’s a shame we rely on him so much but he always steps up to the responsibility placed on him.

Johnson – 7, I always think it’s tricky rating late-ish subs as they tend to have a tough job but he did alright. No more no less I’m afraid.