The Carling Cup returns for Fulham tonight when they visit arch rivals Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. This is the sort of cup that truely anybody could win and I think the Fulham trophy cabinet has been empty for too long! We will be fighting on 4 fronts this season so you never know, this could at last be our season! For tonight however, I want Jol to make a few changes to the team. We have alot of games in Europe and need to get some points on the board in the league so need to rest some of our 1st team players. Although I want him to field a team that will go and attack Chelsea because I would love a derby win. Chelsea will make changes so I’m expecting quite a lively game when some of the younger and new boys getting a run out. I’m going to go through my prefered team and why-

Schwarzer– We need an experienced keeper so he is your man! If this was a match that involved alot of travelling I would rather he stayed at home but Stamford Bridge is so close so travel tiredness won’t be an issue. He can commend the box and has such good leadership qualities that any defence playing with him should be organised enough.

Kelly– I was very impressed with Kelly on Sunday. He covered well and made some very decent tackles. I think he should get another chance to show what he can do tonight. I’d rather Baird was rested so that he is used this weekend.

Senderos- Normally in a game like this I would like to see Hughes in there just to add more experience to the defence but he is injured. Senderos, to be fair, hasn’t done alot wrong this season. Of cousre I would rather she Hughes and Hangeland in the league, but for this game I’d like to see Senderos play

Grygera– I didn’t get to see him last Thursday but heard some good reports about him so I hope to see him play tonightso that he can start to get used to english football.

Briggs– The guy has been great every time he has been called upon thuis season and I think he should get the chance to play tonight. He is one of Fulham brightest propsects at the minute so I would like to see him shine once more tonight. I’m a huge fan of Briggs and his attacking play. He could be very useful in a game like tonights.

Donegan– He is another who I have heard alot about but have never seen him play. I like the sound of him and have been told that he is a very accomplised passer of the ball. It would be great to see him get the chance to show us what he can do tonight.

Kasami– So far so good for our young Swede. He seems to be very talented on the ball and isn’t afraid to try and beat a playe or 2 and then get a ball into the box. He looked very lively on Sunday when he replaced Duff so it would be great to let him get a full game tonight.

Gecov- We haven’t seen him yet and I think it would an ideal game to start off. It will be competitive and will realy show him what English football is like.

Frei– In his couple of minutes that I have seen of him he looks quick, skillful and full of life. he gives defences a hard time because of his pace and eye for goal. He could be played tonight as a wide man who can either challenge defenders himself or who could get the ball into the box.

Sa- He hasn’t had his chance yet and Jol was talking about him possibly getting it tonight. I’m quite excited about his guy. I think he has been fairly unlucky with injuries in the past but seems to be ready to try and reignite his career at Fulham. He also had the chance to play for chelsea earlier in his career so it would be nice to see him playing against them tonight.

Ruiz- He clearly wasn’t ready for the pace of the PL against Blackburn but he had just arrived in England! This will be the perfect game to let him get a proper run out were he can start to get used to the pace. he is a proven quality player and we need someone like him tonight.

Subs- I think we need some experienced players here just to be available for a run out if things don’t go our way. Etheridge, Johnson, Duff, Dembele and Baird. Reliable players who could come on and cange things if required.

The team I have come up with is a mixture of fresh talent and experience and I think thats the best way to try and get a result tonight. Chelsea will be changing things so we need to try and take advantage of that. I’m really looking forward to a lively and very competitive game and one in which I really think we could get a result!