I was intending to put this up before the start of the season but didn’t quite find the time! I think we are in for a fasinating season. Although let’s not look at the first weekend for proof of this because, lets be honest, it was quite dull apart from the scrap at Newcastle! I think some interesting players have been bought like Sergio Aguero and some players have been lost like Cesc Fabergas, the most boring and long drawn out transfer saga for the past two years. I’ll keep the best to last so you’ll understand why Fulham are at the end!

I think Manchester United will win it again. They have bought well in Ashley Young and, although Scholes retired, they have the players there to come in and fit right in! I think City are in line for 2nd spot if the players they have gel together right. I don’t like the way City pay ridiculous amounts to players to get them to come and that has caused attitude issues in the past but winning the FA cup last year I think is the start of a big era in City’s time. But this year is too early for league I think!

I think Chelsea will slot in at third. Torres was a great signing despite his slow start and when he starts scoring, defences will hate seeing him on the pitch! But I still don’t think they have done enough to finish higher than 3rd. They have brought in Andre Villas-Boas (who I must say, dispite him being a Chelsea man, is officially the hottest man in the Premier league!) in what I think is a long term plan. He might bag one of either the FA or Carling Cup but I don’t think he will win the league. I’m going for Liverpool at 4th because I think they have bought well even though they have overpaid for Henderson and Carroll. They are good players but they aren’t worth that much. Downing and Adam are also quality players and Suarez is fantastic – and we must remember that they haven’t even got Gerrard back from injury yet!

Fourth and fifth I think will belong to Spurs and Arsenal but I just can’t say in what order. I watched the Newcastle-Arsenal match on Saturday night and Arsenal looked very normal. If they don’t replace Fabergas and Nasri (if he leaves) then I can’t see them making the top four.  Spurs have bought a good keeper in Friedel but haven’t done much besides that. They don’t have the Champions League this year and they don’t seem to be that excited about the Europa League so I doubt they will take it seriously so they will concentrate on the league more. But I still can’t see them being top four either.

OK so the top six or so teams are done, so what about the relegation fight? I think alot of teams could be down there-

Swansea, Norwich, QPR, Wigan, Blackburn, West Brom, Wolves and Stoke could all be in the mix. I just don’t think Stoke can juggle Europa League and Premier League. I don’t think they will go down but they will cut it fine! I think QPR and Norwich might just stay up. My teams to go down are Wigan, Blackburn and Swansea. It will be a tight one and I’m just happy that Fulham manage to avoid these situations these days!

As for Fulham, I’m hoping for some sort of Cup this season. Europa League might be too much for us second time running but either the Carling Cup or the FA cup will do fine! Jol knows what he is doing and I’m expecting a striker added to the ranks soon. Top 10 is realistic. Obviously I would like us to push for 7th or so but we will be fighting on four fronts this season so I just don’t know if we can expect us to equal our highest finish. The Villa draw was disappointing but I think both teams will finish top half so these is nothing to worry about! I’m excited about this season; a new manager, a fresh approach, some youth added to the squad and plenty of chances to see Fulham live on TV in the Europa League on Thursday nights if we get through the next round! Here’s to the new season and lets just hope none of our players get injured at Wolves on Sunday!