There are some good reasons to drive to away matches; listening to commentary on an earlier kick-off, and being able to tune in to the dulcet tones of Johnny Doom on Kerrang Radio as you speed down the M6 being just two of them. When my radio decided it wasn’t going to tune into either, I should perhaps have realised that the day wasn’t going to end well and turned back.

As first away games of the season go I can think of better places to go than Molineux. Especially a half-built Molineux. In the sunshine it had all the feel of visiting a lower league team for a pre-season friendly. I know Craven Cottage isn’t the most high-tech ground in the Premier League but we have at least got one scoreboard. It’s got a clock on it too. Woo! Molineux? Nothing. Two massive screens but they were turned off. Helpful.

Next up, the announcement that kick-off would be delayed by 5 minutes due to congestion. Sigh. I’ve never understood this. If congestion is so bad as to delay the start of a match, is 5 minutes going to make much difference? Come to think of it, I didn’t notice a Wolves mascot dancing around the pitch at any time…. Not they needed it. It seems I wasn’t the only one for whom it seemed like pre-season. Jol is still in his “experimental” (read: playing players out of position) stage. It’s early days admittedly and there may yet be hope for his grand plan but the fixtures computer has been kind and given us a chance to build a good foundation for the rest of the season. We should at least be playing our best players in their best positions. I’m quite sure my manager wouldn’t suddenly say to me tomorrow “Tell you what Tor, we’ve enough people in this department, why don’t you go and be an equities trader today? It’ll be fine, what could possibly go wrong?” Cue another stock market crash and collapse of the world economy….. But I digress. Sort it out Jol.

Wolves looked good though, didn’t they? Whether that’s because they are good or because we made them look good, or a combination of the two, I’m unsure. Matt Jarvis, with the exception of his dodgy corners, showed why Capello plucked him out of mid-table club obscurity to represent his country. And there clearly is some talent and pace in the squad. If it weren’t for their fans I’d wish them luck.

Ah yes. I went there. The fans. Note to supporters of football teams: when one of your players has taken out an opposition player and he’s laying on the ground receiving treatment, it is not acceptable for you to sing “you’re just a team full of fairies”, even disregarding the broken leg the same team sustained against your team in a previous season. Got that? Good.

So all in all it was a pretty rubbish day. Plus I was ill which never helps. But between the traffic, the temperamental radio signal, the dreadful performance by the boys in white, the score, the home fans etc etc it still won’t put me off and I’ll still trek halfway around the country (and Europe – yay!) to support my beloved Flumps. Although I do draw the line at the Ukraine. Sorry.