Martin Jol was delighted to be back as a Premier League manager, but he was less impressed with Fulham’s opening draw against Aston Villa.

The new Fulham boss felt he side should have scored during one of their dominant periods in what was a largely even contest.

It’s always a great feeling to be back and be in the Premiership and play these sort of games for sell-out crowds. You never know the result before the game, you have to wait and see the second half. I felt we should have scored a goal. But after seeing the first half they probably had more initiative and kept the ball better than us.

We had three good chances but, for a home match, I would like to have more control, more initiative and we have to score at first. So, 0-0 at home, you can’t say that is a very good result. The first half, I thought they kept the ball better than we did and we looked nervous.

We didn’t keep the ball well enough for a home game. But the second half, especially the first 20 minutes, was good. If you’re in their half, you have to keep the ball, and that is what I thought we did better in the second half.