Martin Jol professed himself ‘satisfied’ with Fulham’s first leg performance in Split tonight, but was frustrated his side couldn’t nick a crucial away goal.

They had probably as much possession as we had, maybe a bit more. But nil-nil away from home against a good side; I’m not happy but I’m satisfied.

We knew that they were a good side. The only thing that was probably different was they changed the formation at the back.

We play in our certain way and normally you can put a bit more pressure on the centre backs – but we couldn’t do that – so that is why we had to drop off, too much for my liking.

They had probably three or four good chances, that is the only thing we have to work on. We didn’t do enough with the ball in their half but we will do better at home. I expect that we will have more initiative – we have to play better to score.