There is no doubt about it, the nature of Mark Hughes’ exit from Craven Cottage came as quite a shock to most people, not just those involved with Fulham. To then go and insult us by basically saying that we don’t have enough amibition for him just made most fans hope that they never see the man again! I obviously diagree with the idea that we have a lack of amibition as I don’t think players like Dempsey, Demebele and others would stay at a club that was just happy with were they are! And why would we as fans support a dead end team? I think Hughes and his agents’ viewpoint was very unfair on our club but we need to move on and find a suitable replacement.

However, I think our owner needs to take note of Sparky’s comments and prove him and others wrong. It is a common viewpoint of many in the footballing world that Fulham is a small club and although this often works in our favour as teams for some reason under rate us, I think it is time for a change. Al Fayed needs to turn around and say, “I’m going to show people that my club is ambitious,” by giving the next manager a decent bit of money to make some decent signings to once again improve the squad. We need a squad with depth and quality to get us through the Europa League and finish in the top-10 in the PL. Lets be honest, Dembele proved to be an excellent signing and he came reasonably cheap. If we make a few more ‘Dembele-like’ signings we could add another 4 or 5 quality players for less than 30million and this is what we need!

If Al Fayed is serious about moving the club on, we need an amibitious manager, one who does’t think Fulham is below him and we need investment. With these things, I think our ‘small’ club will just keep moving on!