The Shaun Wright-Phillips to Fulham rumors began last summer, just before Chairman Mo named Mark Hughes as our next manager.

Nothing happened.

Then when the January 2011 transfer window opened, we once again saw the SWP to Fulham rumors circulated. First it was rumored to be a long term deal and then a loan deal as the window was about to close.

Nothing happened.

Now that the June silly season has started, I’ve read a fresh batch of SWP to Fulham rumors. Apparently, Mark Hughes is in talks to bring Shaun to Craven Cottage on some sort of deal. Now many Fulham supporters feel Mark Hughes is on his way out and will be the next manager at Aston Villa. I agree with in that taking over the reigns at Aston Villa would be a lateral move for Hughes and if I’m being honest, despite the fact that I feel Hughes is only using Fulham as a temporary job until he’s offered a gig with a bigger club, I don’t see Hughes leaving to take over Villa.  Which could give merit to the latest SWP to Fulham rumors.

It’s no secret that Shaun Wright-Phillips had a pretty good relationship with Mark Hughes while the pair were at Manchester City. It’s also no secret that SWP wants regular playing time and it’s no secret that Mark Hughes could provide regular first team football and it’s no secret that Mohammed al Fayed is looking to spend this summer.

If Mark Hughes stays, then SWP to Fulham is possible. If Hughes leaves, then that rumor is dead. I probably won’t spend much time worrying about this rumor again until Fulham announce a new deal long term deal to keep Hughes around.  I do know this though, as long as Hughes remains manager, the SWP to Fulham rumors will never die.