The phrase ‘punching above their weight’ is commenly used along side Fulham in a sentence. And from my take on things, I assume that Hughes has left us because our club is just ‘too small’ for him. How frustrating. 2 seasons ago we fiinished 7th (a remarkable feat considering the season before) and qualified for Europe, last season we finished 12th in the league but managed to play some outstanding football and reached the Europa League final and we follwed it up this year when we finished 8th also qualifing for Europe, even if it was through the Fair Play League. It seems to me that our club is getting stronger and stronger every year, so is it really a matter of us still punching above our weight? I’m thinking that Fulham is a club that is on the rise and we deserve to be where we are! This is not punching above our weight, this is just our standard at the minute!

The problem is that nobody else seems to realise this! To nearly everybody in the footballing world, we are a small club with no ambition so why would Sparky have wanted to stay with us? If I’m honest, I thought that we was brilliant for us. We had a slow start but considering we went most of the season without Zamora, I thought we had a great season! If he really didn’t leave because of a 3rd party, then why on earth did he leave? I think that he thinks that another club somewhere will jump at the chance to sign him up but he needs to be careful that his behaviour towards Fulham will not cause oher clubs to be cautious about him. There is no doubt about it, he showed Fulham absolutly NO respect. To him we are nothing but a small club. So sorry, Sparky,  butI hope you regret leaving us the way you did.