Mark Schwarzer on the Fulham website talks about being an ‘experienced’ player. There were signs last season of his age catching up to him but for now he’s still worthy of being our number one. The goalie situation, as long as we can keep Stockdale, is great here at the moment. As soon as Mark retires (in a season or two I expect) we’ll have a talented young keeper to step right in, and behind him we have an even younger one in Etheridge. It’s nice how things work out sometimes isn’t it.

With another successful season of Barclays Premier League football behind him, Mark Schwarzer now stands as of one of the top flight’s most consistent and accomplished custodians.

And the 38-year-old stopper cited former Fulham goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar as one of the game’s inspiring figures. The Manchester United goalkeeper, who is held in high esteem by Schwarzer, recently hung up his gloves at 40 years of age after a remarkable international and club career.

“For me someone like Van der Sar is a great example to follow,” Schwarzer told “He’s someone I admire a lot for what he achieved in the game and what a model professional he is.

“To see someone of his age gives me inspiration and determination to get somewhere near that. At this moment in time I feel great and I’m working as hard as ever.

“As long as my performances remain good enough to play at this level I will continue to play. I work very hard because the older you get it does get more difficult and you have to adjust yourself with age – the way you live your life, the way you eat and the way you train.”

After so many years in the game, Schwarzer still maintains a youthful enthusiasm for the game.

“I’m earning a fantastic living out of playing a sport that is my passion,” he explained. “How many people on the planet can say they actually love doing what they do? From my point of view, why let anything distract me from the main objective? It’s a big part of my life and I’ve been involved in football for 25 years. I’m making the most of playing football at this level.

“As long as I continue to enjoy playing, fit and playing well then I will continue. There’s even the potential, if I play enough games next season, for an option for another year and I’ve got my sights set on that and helping Australia qualify for the 2014 World Cup.”