Much has been made of Martin Jol’s comments that he wants to play with authentic wingers and adopt a more attacking style with Fulham this season. I touched on what this might mean earlier this week.

Setanta have predictably christened it ‘sexy football,’ something I’ll be trying to avoid given the memories of Ruud Gullit’s disastrous tenure at Newcastle after he used that very phrase in one of his early press conferences on Tyneside. Jol is right to be cautious about how quickly things might change, though.

It’s a difficult question about turning around the style, because it’s an older team with their own style. We can’t change that overnight. But in the next couple of months – or even years – I will be trying.

Roy wanted to change, Mark wanted it. And if you have, say, someone like Aaron Lennon at Fulham – you have a different team.

One would hope that we’ll showcase some of that attacking intent against Runavik on Thursday night, although it might be the kids who get the first opportunity to shine.