So Mark Hughes has decided even with rarely travelling with the squad and not attending training he wants even less to do with the club and is on the move. But now the spotlight falls on the big choice the Whites board makes to replace Sparky. Below are a few of the names who the bookies seem to think are in with a shout, and a bit about their background and a rating of how likely I think they are to be appointed as our leader.



            Currently without a job and lives in London. He has an understanding of the Premier League. Let’s address the elephant in the room. Yes, he got Pompy relegated. Yes, he got West Ham relegated (Yaaay!! Whoooo!!). And yes, he’s spent the last two seasons cemented in the bottom three places. But he must be due a bit of luck, right?

                                                Probably not gonna happen:  4/10


            Well remembered amongst Fulham fans from a few years back. Without his managerial guidance the Great Escape that Roy pulled off would never have occurred. Currently gaffer at Barnet, so would be cheap to employ, after narrowly avoiding relegation to the conference.

                                                Yeah, again it’s unlikely:                   2/10

Stuart Baxter

            He’s pretty much linked with every single vacancy norf of the border, even though most people have never heard of him. Some pixyish people suggest he’s not real at all, like unicorns, leprechauns and Eskimos. He’d claim he’s been managing his way around Scandinavia. Perhaps it’s it time for this potential phantom gaffer to throw his hat into the ring for a job the correct side of Hadrian’s Wall?                                     

                                                Even if he exists, not happening:      3/10


            He’s a massive advocate of players staying on their feet, which is refreshing. Been at the club before and signed cracking players for us like Cookie and Wayne Collins. He’s also currently without a club. A bit of a long shot.

                                                Long shot:                                          5/10


            As with all managerial vacancies that crop up I inevitably get linked with them (usually by myself on Twitter). However it’s not without reason. I’ve managed the Sarf in an annual Norf V Sarf game between his mates, managed a five-a-side team to promotion in the Dagenham Goals five a side league and I’m reasonable on football manager. Let’s be honest. I’d be cheap to employ (I’d probably do it for 1/6th of what Michael Owens on at Man Yoo at the moment) and I might catch a few teams out with my surprise tactics. And the fact that I’ve already has assembled a crack back room team goes without mentioning.

                                                Nailed on? Possibly:                          8/10

Apparently Martin O’Neil, Lee Clark, Curbs and, despite playing us for fools last summer, Martin Joll are also on the radar of the club.

Personally, if for some reason they over look me, I’d not be too upset were John Collins to come back to Craven Cottage. Perhaps with Paul Trollope too as he was one of my favourites.