Our boy Clint Dempsey netted his 20th international goal to help lead the United States to a 2-0 win over Canada in their opening match of the 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

Deuce played 90 minutes and looked very active on the, for the lack of a better word, shit pitch in Detroit. By the way, just prior to Clint’s sliding goal effort in the 62nd minute, Clint nearly scored in what can only be described as a “matrix back heel” effort that nearly found the back of the net. Trust me, search you tube for that, had it gone in, it would have made his chip shot vs Juve look routine.

Let’s get back to Clint’s goal in the 62nd. Following a nice build up, Jozy Altdore sent a cross right to left in front of the Canadian keeper and Clint knocked it home with a sliding effort. Jozy would actually put the U.S. up 1-0 in the 15th minute and much like Clint, had a fantastic game.

Speaking of highlights, while you’re searching you tube for highlights, be sure to pay attention to Everton/USA keeper Tim Howard, who had a few beast-like saves late in the second half. I know I’ve spent much time highlighting Clint (for obvious reasons) but the entire squad bounced back nicely after their embarrassing loss to Spain over the weekend.

The United States will take on Panama on Saturday in Tampa, Florida. Panama slipped past Guadeloupe 3-2 in tonight’s opening match.

*EDIT: I’ve been informed what Clint attempted was a rare “scorpion kick.” Whatever it was, it’s worth watching again.

*Edit #2: Not the “scorpion kick” attempt, but CLICK HERE to watch Clint’s goal.