Remember that? As I write this, that strike was almost exactly one year ago. Remember the hope it brought? Together with the excitement that we could’ve been seeing history in the making – Fulham Football Club’s first major trophy. Sadly it didn’t quite happen. Not this time anyway. But the achievement should never be forgotten and I think for most of us who were lucky enough to be there that night, it’ll stay in our memories forever. Perhaps we’ll have new experiences to add to it, perhaps not.

I look at fans of some teams who are regularly competing in Europe, both the Europa and Champions Leagues, and I wonder if it ever loses its appeal. Does it ever become “just another game”? Another trek to another ground and it’ll be on telly anyway so we might as well just watch it down the pub. I think I’d hate that. It’s an honour and a privilege to watch your team participate in one of the greatest competitions. As my boyfriend said to me on the phone whilst I was walking from the Nordbank Arena to the coach “How many people get to see their team play in a European final?”. It’s something that many dream of but only a select few get to do. I’ll be honest, I never thought I’d be one of them.

This is only a short post. We all have  our own memories of that night, whether we were there in Hamburg or watching from wherever we call home, you don’t need me to jog them for you. Enjoy though. I hope they still make you smile as they do me.

Here’s to the next one…