have done better this season than anyone had a right to expect, according to Jonathan Greening.

The midfielder says the change of manager and style of play from last season could easily have been a recipe for disaster, but the players deserve credit for adapting so well.

“I think we have exceeded expectations this year,” Greening said.

“It’s always hard when you lose somebody who has ingrained you to play a certain way and we probably found it hard to get out of it really.

“The new manager [Mark Hughes] didn’t really want us to play that way and now I think we are a bit more attacking and are playing a bit more like the manager wants.”

Greening added: “He said after Sunday’s game that he’s proud of the way we’ve all pulled together and worked hard.

“We’ve got a really good team spirit here and haven’t got any big time Charlies. Finishing eighth makes it a great season really.”