Its true. They are always right and there is simply no point in arguing with them. No point arguing with them, the players and of course, the manager. I waschatting away to a friend today who I was actually meant to be going to Old Trafford with on Saturday and she asked me did I know if Wayne Rooney was allowed to play tonight or did his ban count in European compititions. This somehow got into a friendly debate until another, much less friendly United fan joined complaining that United are always picked on and that no other player would have been banned for swearing. I smiled and said  but ‘swearing’ was not the reason for the ban, it was the swearing down the camara to the World that triggered it! But this just made the snide comments come even more, “You only care because he is out for the Fulham match, thats it!” and “We will still beat you anyway because you’s are crap!”

Interesting. I will admit that I am not a fan of United but I thought that I was being completly fair by saying that if any player had have done what Rooney had done they also would have been banned but I was quickly shot down and told that it was a stupid decision to ban him etc etc.

I don’t want to get in to the whole Ronney debate but I just wondered, do all United fans feel that the world is against them or do at least some of them see the leniency that is thrown their way in most matches?

I hope we get a result tomorrow on Saturday becasue I hate the ignorance of fans who think that their team is the only team worthy of supporting. I hope Fulham show how good they are on Saturday.