Snow day basically all over Northern Ireland today so I finally have a bit of time to write something.

17 games played, 16 points won. Not good. I hate to say it but if this was to continue then I’ll be supporting a Championship team next season. We have to be honest and admit that Fulham aren’t winning or scoring enough for a side who reached the Europa League Final just last season! We have lost Bobby and that has had a massive impact as the other strikers that we have just don’t score the goals a premier league striker should. Dempsey has been fantastic, as has Simon Davies but other than that we have been kindof flat. We have missed to many chances this year and that, along with some dodgy refereeing decisions, have seen us stick to the wrong side of the table for ages. Ok, we can say that a couple of wins will shoot us up the table but Hughes has been saying that for weeks and our currentform reads like this- D, L, D, L, D. The other teams are starting to pick up points and its not looking good.

However, lets look at the good side of things. Theres been alot in the media about Hughes looking for a striker in the January window. Its extremly important that we add about 2 people to the team to give us a consistant goal scorer and to give Hughes more players to choose from. I really don’t rate Eddie Johnson at all and Kamara just doesn’t score enough. We need a vocal point. Also, Hughes can fairly say that we haven’t been given the results that our performances deserve so surely a win is coming up? We need to get a good run going and how good would it be if we start a good run at Anfield? Surely the players will have something to prove against Hodgson? Don’t lose faith in Sparky. He is a good manager and hasn’t had enough time yet. He didn’t get enough time in the summer for transfers so I’d imagine he would be aiming to do something in January. And lets not forget, Fulham never seem to like doing things the easy way!