I don’t normally take any attention of transfer rumours but this has something official to it. Reports today say that Guillermo Ochoa’s on his way to Fulham for negotiations. Here’s a comment from his club:

“Club America reports that our goalkeeper, Francisco Guillermo Ochoa Magana, is traveling to London, England to attend the invitation made to Fulham FC and its Technical Director, Mr Mark Hughes.”
Source – http://www.mediotiempo.com/futbol/mexico/noticias/2010/12/08/las-aguilas-confirmaron-viaje-de-ochoa-a-inglaterra

The young Mexican goalkeeper, only 25, already has well over 200 appearances for club and country and was close to joining United not too long ago, not to mention his reputation as a beast of a goalie in Footy Manager (then again, Eddie Johnson was one of the best bargain buys of all time).

Now, after Schwarzer signed his contract extension it was natural to assume that he would stay for at least the next 7 months but it suprised me that he did after how much he pushed for a move, I thought that he had pushed it too far in the summer and his position was untenable. If this Ochoa fella does come however it won’t be for cheap, and you’d assume that it wouldn’t be as a second choice keeper either. Maybe Schwarzer until July and then Ochoa takes over as first choice from then? Was Hughes playing football politics and getting Mark on a longer contract to maximise his potential transfer value? Is it even a deal worth making?

To be honest there’s no point answering those questions unless the deal is actually done and we’ve seen time and time again deals that are this advanced collapse but it is interesting, and quite exciting, news nevertheless in a Fulham age where very little accurate transfer speculation is reported.