West Ham was a must win game. Well look at how that turned out. This is just bad. Bad, bad, bad. This is the same sort of form tha Fulham showed a couple of seasons ago whenever Fulham just about stayed up. I’m a very angry and worried Fulham fan.

I’m an optimistic person but this is really not looking good! Losing 3-1 at home to West Ham was possibly the worst result we could have gained right now. We are now level on points with hopeless West Ham and the rest of the table is slowlymoving away. The build up in the game was about how Fulham don’t concede very many but this performance didn’t give me much confidence in that area. We where very much on top for the first 35minutes then Fulham just stopped playing.

Eddie Johnson is poor. Andy Johnson still  isn’t his old self ad Dempsey went off injured. hughes needs to do something very positive in the transfer window or Al Fayad might just relieve him of hos duties.