They say things even themselves out over the course of a season. Well already this season it’s looking like we’re due some good luck coming our way soon. What with bad challenges, injuries to key players and this weekend a some what suspicious goal being given against us.

Before all the talk was of Murphy and his comments during a very quiet news week, but afterwards the media was all-aflutter over Huddlestones off side goal at the Cottage. Having scored three of his last seven Premier League goals against us the no-necked midfielder loves nothing better than playing us. And with a little persuasion, and perhaps intimidation, aimed at the line-o he managed to score yet again.

After the final whistle Hughes was seen to approach the referee as they left the pitch and was told to come and speak to the official in his changing room after they’d all left the pitch, only for the ref to do a quick bunk before Sparky had a chance to catch up with him.

“I’d like a little bit of clarification, if he’s made a genuine mistake, he’ll admit to it, but it doesn’t do us any good so what’s the point?

“The goal should have been wiped out because Gallas is in an offside position as the ball is struck by Huddlestone. To say he’s not interfering or not in his eyeline is completely at odds with the truth. Mark Schwarzer has to hold his position until the ball actually reaches where Gallas is, because he’s thinking at some point Gallas may stick a toe out and deflect it. “

Even ‘Arry seemed to conceded they’d been ultra-lucky too.

“If you had a shot at goal and somebody was stood in an offside position, you were given offside,” he said.

“It’s become very, very complicated.  How many of us do know unless we’re referees or linesman? I’d be a liar if I was an expert on it.”

Another person who can’t be called a liar, was Robbie Savage who admitted to us on his Saturday eveing 6-0-6 show that even players of his calibre have no idea of the exact rules on the offside trap. So what hope do us ‘normals’ have?

Away from the banks of the Thames, Man City battled their way to second in the League after defeating Blackpool 3-2.  Though with Blackpool also on the end of some iffy refereeing calls, ‘Olly’ has called for technology to be brought into the league. He said:

“Their first goal, Tevez was offside, and the second one was a foul on my defender, absolutely blatant.”

But in the space of just a few minutes he became a beaten, downtrodden man.

“We’re getting absolutely Bo Diddley squat, week in, week out. But there you go, such is life.”

City sit above local rivals United who only managed to draw at home against our next opponents West Brom. Fielding a weakened side with naughty boy Rooney on the bench alongside Scholes (so glad I put him in my fantasy football team…). I’m not sure if it’s made the press yet, but word on the street is Rooneys not fond of this and could be all set for a move. Usually this’d get poo-poo’d but every single paper seems to be on board with this story, even making the front page of The Times.

At the top of the tree that lot down the road stumbled their way to a draw up at Villa Park.

“I am not disappointed about failing to go seven points clear. We knew this would be a difficult game. Last year we lost here. This is a good result at this stage of the season, and to be five points clear is good.”

Two sides recently discussed by our boy Dan played up at the Reebok. Bolton won their first home game of the season with ex-White Knight escaping a somewhat obvious hand ball shout from the visitors. Stoke, who have been rumoured to be after Gera, would be disappointed with not returning to the Potteries without a single point especially as Bolton finished a man shy after Klasnic got two yellows for two separate episodes of flailing arms (possibly on the instructions of his manager, I just don’t know).

Down the bottom of the table Wolves, ‘Stam, Newcastle and Wigan all walked away from their respective games with a point a piece. Luckily for us viewers, Mick McCarthry was able to act like a tool for us all to enjoy on Match of the Day with a lovely little comment about our Danny. How dare such a lowly mortal dare to mention a manager in less than glowing terms!

I’m not sure how you feel about it, but whenever I see Roy at Liverpool it stirs an odd reaction in me. It feels like he’s an old girlfriend of mine who’s left me for a new more flash fella. Only things aren’t going so well now for her as it turns out he’s not as flash as he made out. Infact, he’s a bit of a lame horse. I want to be all cocky about it but I can’t, as they still have a place in my heart. Well anyway, Liverpool lost (again), which means it’ll be more doomsday like reaction coming from Merseyside for the coming week (again). And more in papers of Uncle Roy getting the old heave hoe anyday, with Rijkaard one of the many names in the frame.

All that in one weekend, and we’ve still got Blackburn versus Sunderland tonight! It don’t get much better than this!!!