I can remember that 2 years ago, around this same time Andy Johnson scored his 100th and 101th goal in the Premier League. What is interesting about this is that they were his first 2 for Fulham, they where at the Cottage and they were against- yes, you have guessed it- WIGAN! Good Omen? It would be if I believed in that sort of thing!

However, I do back the lad to help us win on Saturday. What I like about Johnson is that he runs around alot. If you have read my posts before you will know that I am a keen hockey player. As a defender, I HATE whenever an attacker runs around alot. Often they run around for no apparent reason as the ball is no where near but I have to admit that it really, really bugs me. It makes me lose concentration and its very hard to always keep an eye on that player. It then becomes easy for the oppostition to get behind our defense and create a goal scoring opportunity. This is the same effect Johnson had on defences during his best footballing years. He just kept running and eventually he would find himself with a great opportunity to score. Eventually, it might not be this week but I hope it is, he will start scoring again for us. Although we have had a fairly solid start to the season, I think that we need to win this game on Saturday. We need 3 points on the board to fire us up the table a bit!

I’m backing the boys to win this one. It’s also one that I feel we should be getting full points from!