There’s a cracking interview with Danny Murphy in today’s Observer, although the only link I can find is provided by the Irish Independent’s website.

The Fulham skipper talks about Paul Scholes, Fabio Capello, tactics, formations and his own career before finishing by noting just how impressed he is with Mark Hughes. At a stroke, Murphy dismisses any notion that Hughes wants to play anything approaching route one football. There’s certainly a greater emphasis on going forward, which might mean discarding some of the caution that Roy Hodgson became renowned for.

We won’t change in that respect. He [Hughes] wants us to play. He certainly doesn’t want us going out there and whacking it. Off the ball maybe we’re trying to win it a bit higher up the pitch, maybe take a few more risks. With Roy we tended to drop off more and fill in the gaps. It might make us a little bit vulnerable but it might make us score more goals, too.

You’ve got to play to your absolute maximum and hope they have an off day. But we’re no mugs. We can dig in and fight and make ourselves hard to beat. We’ll go out there and give it a damn good go.