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Andy Johnson says the last twelve months have been the worst of his career and the striker hopes that his injury hell is behind him.

The England international is now well on the road to recovery after his injury suffered in the early stages of Fulham’s Europa League campaign last year and is hoping to be back in action soon. Johnson told the club’s official website:

“In the past I’ve had three weeks or so out, but never this long. It got to the stage that if I had to see much more of the gym – I would have smashed it up! I’ve been jogging for seven or eight days and I can’t tell you how good that’s felt. The multi-directional stuff will come later, and then the proper training and contact football later still. I don’t want to give a date yet because it’s too early.

If it’s the end of September, October, or whenever, that’s when it is, but I can see the light now. I can’t afford to rush it and make a mistake. That’s what happened last time. I came back too early last time and it resulted in me being out for almost a year, so my mind is purely focused on getting fit. This time I’ve got to get it right. I don’t care how long it takes.”

I’ve had fabulous support from my wife and kids and my team-mates have always been around asking how it’s going. The new boss Mark Hughes has told me to fix it and take my time. I’ve done everything I can to make sure I haven’t lost any speed. I’ve worked on my glutes, my hamstrings and my core strength – everything that gives me pace. Of course, we’ll see when I get out there, but I’m confident I can be as fast as I’ve ever been.”