Yesterdays match got me very excited about this year as a Fulham fan. First of all we got to see the sort of team that Hughes is building at the Cottage and we also got to see the sort of team spirit that we have been used to over the past 2 and a half years at Fulham. I asn’t quite sure how exactly Fulham were lined up yesterday. At first glance I thought that Dempsey was playing beside Zamora but then some sources made it look like he was playing as part of a 5 man midfield. Whatever way it as, however, it was very successful, particularly in the second half. Duff, Davies and Dempsey all seemed to be switching positions every so often which was very successful. I know myself from playing alot of hockey that it is extremly hard to keep track of players when they keep switching positions. In fact, as a defender, it truely does my head in!

As the match went on, I realised just how smart several of Fulhams players are- especially Dempsey. He made the right runs and attempted the correct passes which confused Evans and Vidic all day long. If the Fulham midfield can keep on working like that I can see us scoring alot of goals this season. Also Dembele excited me. He looks like a quality player and one who will give us a new angle of attack. He is strong and quick which is never fun for defences.

Another thing that looks very promising for Fulham is how well the defence coped. Hughes and Hangeland where both excellent yesterday. This is good as I had thought that if we are going to be much more attacking, that this would leave us much more leaky at the back. But if the back 4 keep on like that, we’ll be OK. I think Hughes is already starting to make a good impression at the Cottage and I think we will be having alot more fun this season watching our team!