Although Mark Hughes was signed on Thursday, this is actually the first day that he will be working with the team. Its a new chapter in the history of Fulham and a certainly hope that it will be an exciting one. The last 3 seasons have been somewhat of a rollercoaster ride. But I have to admit, the ups and downs made it so enjoyable! Don’t get me wrong, the bad times were awful at the time but looking back, they have become an important part of our history. Now, with a manager and new signings apparently to be signed, we begin and new season with optimism and eagerness. I said right at the end of the season that to build on the season that Fulham have just had there would have had to be some changes to the squad. So far only one signing has been made which is understandable due to the fact we have been managerless for about a month. But now, with Hughes at the helm, signing are expected to be made- and soon! Other teams have been building but we a haven’t had the chance to do yet but I have faith Hughes and think that he will spend wisely.

To build on last season I think that we need to-

1.Finish in the top 10 and break the 50point mark. We have been in and around that benchmark for the last 2 season so with mainly just the league to focus on, I think that that is very possible. John Pantsil during an interview thinks that the team will try and get as close to a 6 place spot as possible this season.

2. Continue to make The Cottage a fortress. Again the last 2 seasons have been wonderful at home and this needs to continue. Lets see which of the top-4 we can beat this year! We need to remain a solid unit so that this can happen.

3. Become good travellers. It is the same every season that Fulham drop points too easily away from home. I reckon that this will be one of the things that Hughes will want to change as quickly as possible. We will have to patient though as this will not happen over night. Boltan first day of the season could be the start!

4. Have a good cup run. It’s been a long time since Fulham have won something. The Europa League was so close this year but unfortunatly Diego Forlan took that from us. If we could win something this year or at least reach a final it would be excellent. I dream of the day I see Fulham beating Chelsea in the FA Cup Final!

So lets just wait and see what happens. Mark Hughes is going to be unvieled to the media tomorrow so hopefully we will gain some clue at what he is aiming for.