If you believe the hype which started on 1st July on Sky Sports News HD (as I believe it’s now compulsory to call it) Transfer Deadline Day is the most exciting day in the world. Oh yes, even more so than your birthday. And Christmas! If you are unable to be in front of either a computer or their excellent news service all day tomorrow you may as well not bother being alive, because boy o boy, it’s going to be exciting!

They’ve recently refreshed all their graphics with all the bells and whistles and as if Sky Sports ever need an excuse to wheel them out the next 48 hours will be it. If you love text flying across the screen, yellow tickers and graphics showing how many games players have played against goals scored, you my friend are in for a treat!

Charlotte Jackson can barely contain her excitement in HD. And who could blame her?

The news that some squad player from a mid tabled Premiership side joining Rangers or Celtic will receive all the bells and whistles of flashy montages and tables showing their playing history. When the yellow bar pops up on the bottom of the screen and Millie Clode’s face is blocked out by a banner exclaiming BREAKING NEWS (in HD I expect, Sky do love to remind us of it), we’ll all take a sharp intake of breath. Who is it? IS it the Schwarzer to Arsenal/Given to Fulham move happening at last? Is it City spunking another £30million on a mediocre quality player? No. All it’ll be is the ‘amazing’ news that Stoke City’s academy player Zack Foster has joined Northampton Town on a month’s loan. And somehow they’ll spin this out for until Wednesday lunchtime too.

Will Konch depart for Liverpool? We'll find out either way tomorrow! And in HD too!

Every time the window is swinging its way shut it is built up in the press and on telly. And every time it’s a massive let down. When was the last time something amazing happened on transfer deadline day? We’ve traditionally been quiet with perhaps a loan signing going one way or the other at Motspur Park. But elsewhere it’s usually just as underwhelming. And why should this one be any different? This has been one of the quietest transfer periods since the window system started operating, although the papers were expectant over the weekend that we’re in for a real last minute burst of activity. They’ve suggested, Schwarzer and Paul CanJetSki are off from us with Given coming in, and amongst the less interesting clubs they reccon Rodwell, Carlton Cole, Robbie Keane, N-Zogbia and Asamoah Gyan could all have moved before tea time tomorrow.

Well, they’ve certainly hooked me in. Nobody expect a reply to any texts or emails tomorrow. I’ve booked the day off work and I’m looking forward to not moving from the telly all day long, after all Sky have promised me fireworks…