Isn’t it quite odd that Fulham are so open with their manager dealings? In the past we have been one of the more secluded clubs in terms of player/manager targets and have almost never made any transfer fees public. Now, all of a sudden all details of the Jol debacle were public as they unfolded.

Is this something deliberate or is it just poor media management from the club? If it is deliberate, then why? The only two reasons I can think of are:

  1. The club was so convinced to get Jol they never saw a point in keeping the lid on.
  2. In order to be more open, or public if you like, with the dealings they are trying to lure some more candidates out in the open. Because let’s face it were not really big enough to be a club where managers apply to work, at least not the names we would be in the market for.

Thinking about it, none of these possible reasons make any sense, so I challenge you to share your ideas and thoughts on this new openness from the club.

Not necessarily the kind of openness one would have preferred but still a change.