Alistair Mackintosh is in Amsterdam to try and secure Jol’s signature

Is no news good news? There’s not really a way of knowing.

The Daily Star quotes Martin Jol as demanding that his future is sorted out swiftly:

Ajax know about the offer from Fulham. In the past I have had other offers that no-one knows about. Now in England it is public, but that’s not my fault.

I am concerned about the future. It’s a matter for negotiation. I have not made an ultimatum but I do not want this uncertainty to last all week.

The Independent paints more of a rosy picture – suggesting that Fulham may be in a position to announce Jol’s appointment by the end of the week. Mark Fleming’s report says the former Tottenham manager remains keen to take over the reigns at Craven Cottage:

Jol has assured Mackintosh that he has not changed his mind about taking over at Fulham following the departure of Roy Hodgson to Liverpool, even though the Dutch press had quoted him as saying he had agreed to stay with Ajax.

Last week Jol agreed terms on a rolling contract with Fulham, who have offered him generous terms. He is understood to have agreed a basic salary of more than £2.5m a year, which is more than double what Hodgson was on. On top, there is a package of performance-linked bonuses, which could potentially add another £1m.

Jol was sold on making the move after conversations with Fulham’s owner, Mohamed al-Fayed. He likes the idea of working with just one boss, rather than the complicated management structure at Ajax.

We’ll just have to wait patiently.