I had hoped that this was all going to have been sorted by then but on the other hand, I would rather that this was not a decision that was rushed. Amongst all the rumours and reports of sven Goran Ericson, Alan Curbishly and Mark Hughes none of us really know what is going on. One thing that I hate about the big companies like Sky and the BBC is that they only really seem to care about the so-called big teams. Liverpool did not leave the headlines once during there search for a new gaffer and now that we have been managerless for a while know one seems to care! Its frustrating as a Fulham fan. But not just a Fulham fan, its the same for all teams outside the top 6 teams in the League.

The News Papers had seemed pretty settled on Curbishley before moving on to Sven. But now a new name has emerged seemingly out of no where. The West Brom Boss Reberto Di Matteo has apparently entered the frame. He has only been at the Baggies for a year but was promoted with them it a fairly successful year. He would be an exciting manager to have with his attacking style of tactics. As long as this does not effect the calm and collective team we already have. He would need to introduce a few new faces into the team.

I’m not entirely sure how much experience the guy has. However, if he manages to build on the success he has had at WesBrom then perhaps he fits the bill. I, however, am still hoping for Mark Hughes!