With Mark Hughes apparently about to become our manager I thought I would write a bit about the speculation around who will be joining the former City boss at the Cottage. Sky Bet have officailly cut the odds on Ireland and Bellamy joining due to apparant speculation surroundig the duos future at City. I’ve made no secret of my desire to see Ireland at the Cottage. He is a fantastic player and would be just the perfect Murphy replacement or could play along side him in the middle. Bellamy is a quality player and would be an excellent buy or loan. Nick has already mentioned that we would probably be most likely to get any of these players on loan which would still be a good piece of business.

I hope this isn’t a Jol-type announcement that is going to collaspe at any moment but I can’t see it happening again. I think the signing of Mark Hughes is an excellent one. Yes, we might have prefered Jol but this is an assured signing and hopefully he will continue the fantastic work that Hodgson had started.