As I said earlier, we are interested in Standard Liege Striker Dieumerci Mbokani. Other teams are also interested in the player like Everton, Birmingham, West Ham and Roma but his agent says that Fulham are the best option.

“I assume that the management of Stanard and I will have contact once they have reached agreement and then everything will proceed.”

Fulham is not the only club interested in Dieumerci, but I consider Fulham the best option,” he said.

Dieumerci has said-

“I knew that Fulham are interested, I also know that Lucien D’Onorfio promised to help me get a transfer a year ago and he will respect his word,” he told HLN.

“I now hope that Standard will find common ground with Fulham, a club I feel is ideal.”

2 Years ago I doubt that his agent would have wanted his man to go to Fulham. We had the status of being a team who would be in a relegation dogfight every year. This again shows how much Roy has changed us. Our amazing run in Europe also goes a long way in signing players. I watch a few videos of him earlier and, although these videos are kind to a player, he does look like a quality player.