The deal isn’t done yet, but its not looking good. If this is indeed the day that our hero leaves us then I thought that I would write a little piece on that man Hodgson. At his appointment in late December 2007 I remember that I had absolutly no idea who he was.  I also remember that every Saturday afternoon I would come home from my weekly hockey matches, turn on Skysports and be extremly dishearted at the Fulham score. It actually made me feel sik quite often. We hardly ever scored and leaked plenty at the back. After a few games however, we all began to see a slightly more solid Fulham. The arrival of Hangleland and Nevland came in quickly and Fulham appeared to gain a system in their play. Even the most optimistic Fulham fan would have doubted that Fulham could stay up but Roy did it! I can’t describe my joy at matched such as Aston Villa, Everton, Reading, Birmingham, Man City and Portsmouth. And this was just the start. The next year Fulham were excellent finishing a club high of 7th and gaining a Europa League spot. Lets not forget reaching the FA cup quaters as well. Hodgson made us a solid team who nobody liked to play against. That along with his calmness and his super transfer buys made him a hero at the Cottage. It would be hard to find a Fulham fan who does not like Hodgson. This year was even more impressive. Reaching the Final of the Europa League, a competition that many believed was just going to be a bit of fun and a bonus if we progessed through the play-offs, turned out to be the biggest event in the clubs history. Many tears were spilt during this season but this were mostly of joy at Fulhams success.

Hodgson has shown the World that even the most basic of players can be world beaters with the right ingredients of team work, grit and determination and the right system. I hope he doesn’t go but if he does I want all you readers to remember that Roy has done alot for us rather than remembering him as the man who left us as I have heard alot recently. Also, all you negative Liverpool fans- wise up and realise that if you get Hodgson yous are very lucky. Many of yous are saying that Hodgson isn’t a big enough manager for yous. Do yous think that you s are still a big club with your awful season and your shambles of the pitch?

All the best Roy but prove me wrong at posting this by not leaving!