Tomorrow is an extremely important day in the life of a football fan. Its interesting that every team will be looking for different things in the fixture list for their clubs. Every team will want a good start and will therefore look at the first couple of fixtures to see were the points lie. Christmas is also a key part of the season as the fixture timetable is heavy and exciting. The end of the season is were it gets very exciting though. The likely relegation battlers will want to see matches were they can scrap points. No one wants the big 4 on the last day of the season! Derbies are also extremely import. The first fixture I will look for will be Chelsea at home and then Spurs at home. I personally want to see a few good early games as I hope to make my first visit to the Cottage during the early season.

So who do you want first up? I think that its important that we get a home match and our last few matches have been away on the first day of the season with mixed results. I don’t think anyone will forget the embarrassment of Hull away. I can’t wait for tomorrow and I can’t wait for a hopefully successful year as a Fulham fan.