The 2010 World Cup starts in 7 days. However, I cannot believe the amount of captains being declared unfit due to injuries recieved so close to them having the highest honour of pulling on the armband on a national scene.

Being from Northern Ireland, I wouldn’t go going as far as saying I’m supporting England but I really feel for  you, especially your captain. I would never have wanted this is happen. In case some of yous haven’t heard, Ferdinand is OUT of the world Cup and Michael Dawson is going to be leaving for South Africa tonight.

We already know about Michael Ballack after enduring that awful tackle during the FA Cup final. But the last big name captain to get injured is well-known to all Fulham fans for the wrong reasons- Didier Drogba. I’m not a fan of Drogba, infact, I strongly dislike him but I would never have wanted him to miss  out. He to has got injured just this morning during a warmup match with Japan. He broke his arm just after scoring the opener.

I feel for these 3 men so much but wish all of them the best during their recovery.