I was delighted to hear this morning that Volzy has found himself a club at long last. He agreed terms last week with newly promoted Bundesliga side, and a friend of ours for our European adventure this season, FC St Pauli. And I’m sure I speak for all of the Fulham fans when I wish him all the luck in the world.

I have always been a big fan of his from when Cookie signed him on loan from the Gunners back in 2004. Always the kind of player who would never let you down he played all over the place, right back, centre back, defensive midfield and on the right side of midfield too he played in the white shirt 125 times and scored four goals. I know it’s somewhat of a criminal offense amongst Fulham fans these days, but I for one would have felt more comfortable last season had we had Moritz in the side rather than Painstil, but I understand I’m very much in the minority on that one.

The thing I find strange is that he has spent the whole of the last season in somewhat of a limbo. Between clubs, training with Spanish, German and English clubs for a few weeks here and there, a run in the QPR reserves towards the tail end of the campaign, but nobody came in for him properly. The last season he was with us I got speaking to some Ipswich fans, where he was on loan at the time, and they said that he was a revelation for them and that he was far too good to join them permanently. Then his contract with us ended and he was released. Quite why a club didn’t sign him up on a pay per play short term deal is beyond me.

I’ll always remember the day we played Chelsea at the Bridge just before Christmas in 2006 and he was plying his trade in midfield at the time. I was asked that morning who I thought would score the 15,000 premier league goal. I said it wouldn’t be anybody obvious, it’d be far more likely to be somebody who never scores such as our Volzy. And lo and behold he did. If only I’d sacrificed that pint in the pub for a short walk to the bookies…