A very noble, but sensible decision from Bobby Zamora. Capello said before that his decision to leave our inform striker out of the England squad was one of his last decisions. It sounded to me like he was quite disappointed and said that Zamora made his own desision. We all know that Zamoras achellies heal has cause him alot of problems lately. It is a real shame that injury is what has proved to be the deciding factor that rules him out of the world cup. Heres what he had to say-

“I told Fabio that I was struggling and I knew that, had I gone, I wouldn’t have done myself or England justice,” he said.

“It was a joint decision made by myself, Capello, our medical team and England’s medical team.

“The World Cup’s a massive tournament. It’s not about myself, it’s about England.

“Capello wished me all the best, hoped that I get fit and would be available next season. You could see last night (Wednesday) I was struggling to play.

“It’s (the injury) one of those things, it’s come at a bad time and the last five weeks have been terrible for me.”

Zamora did however say that he will be getting a small operation on his achellies in the next few weeks and hopefully he will be fully fit for next season and, who knows, he might even get a call up for the European Championship qualifyers!