Some of you will know that’s a question I’ve been asked a lot over the last 18 months or so. But, relax, I’m not talking about politics, I’m merely referring to the goal of the season contest over at the offal.

Lydia mentioned it yesterday and it’s pretty hard to pick a winner. I could rave about them all but you don’t necessarily want to read all of that.

On pure jaw-dropping ability alone, three goals strike you straightaway. There’s the quite astounding strike from Clint Dempsey at Stoke. I’d say I’m not sure he could do it again that that boy keeps producing moments of absolute genius. The American’s involved in another one as well. Anyone who was there when that ball dropped inside the far corner will remember the sheer audacity of that instinctive cheap.

And there’s the wonderful bit of ball-juggling from Simon Davies that got our European adventure back on track. People in front of me were saying he should have been taken off at half time and the underrated Welshman produces a mesmorising spell of skill that Leo Messi might marvel over.

I wouldn’t like to over-influence the result, of course, but for me it’s that Juventus goal. For all that went with it – the crazy experience of rebounding from 4-1 down and the fact that had Clint not tried it, we’d never have gone to Hamburg twice.