Last night marked something special in our clubs history. Playing in a European Fianl is something that every club dreams of and even though we didn’t come away with the trophy, it will be a night that lives long in the memory of all Fulham fans. This season has been incrediable. Although we didn’t quite make it into the top half of the table we had huge success in Europe and on the last day only had 6 less points than last season. Back in August I wrote an article saying that if European games to compete in I would be thrilled to finish in the top 12.  I didn’t think that we would get past the group stages so finishing in 12 seems even more impressive. As well as having 18 games in Europe + a full PL season, lets not forget our decent run in the FA cup. Losing to Spurs at the Lane in a replay was also something not to be laughed at. We even played very well against Man City in the Carling Cup with a very weakened side and nearly brought that to penalties.

Yes, this season ended with a cruel disappointment butwhat doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger. That has been told to me on countless occasion when I have had disappointments in my own short sporting life. Its how our boys react to this that will define them and I have no doubt that they will come out fighting at the start of next season. Heres what I think has to happen at Fulham over the summer-

1. The players need to relax. Some will be involved in the World Cup but hopefully they will have good rest before the PL starts again in July.

2. Hodgson has to stay. Do I even need to say why? I think that its important that he is the man who continues to build a squad. Although I think that youngre players with some quality have to be brought in to be taught how to play Fulham game with the guys who perhaps only have 1 or 2 seasons left.

3. Sign about 4 GOOD players. After Al Fayed sold Harrods there were rumours that he was looking to sell Fulham as well. If he doesn’t (and I hope not!) he certainly has a large amount of money at his disposal (Harrods went for 1.5 Billion). Fulham could sign a few good players to firstly broaden the squad and to secondly, improve it. I think perhaps a defender, 2 midfielders and an attacker could be added. I’m not saying to repace our existing squad but to create more competition. But I definatly think that the players need to be worth a starting role. To make this clubs go forward we need to build.

If the right players are brought in and Hodgson stays, I can see next season being excellent for Fulham. We won’t have all the extra games that Liverpool, Everton and Villa will have so less strain will be on the players. I think the aim for next season should be to clinch that 7th spot again and hope that it gets us to Europe again. Also the space that was made for the Europa League could be filled up with either the Carling or the FA cup.