Brede Hangeland tells a journalist what we’re all thinking – that it’ll be nicer to play a non-English side in the final;

It’s good to face a team we don’t face in the league. Atletico Madrid are favourites, but everything is possible.

It’s the biggest (thing) I have experienced as a footballer.

I will now get the chance to win something with Fulham. It was a terrific atmosphere in the dressing room.

It’s nice that it is not Liverpool.

Those rumours about Arsenal being interested in the Norwegian contingent of our central defensive duo have been circulating again, and given our brilliant run it’s probably not surprising. Whilst the reported £15m in the bank might be nice, I for one would be very sorry to see Brede leave when he’s been such a pivotal part of the squad. If you’ve seen The Sun today, perhaps (hopefully!) there’s nothing to worry about. Brede told them;

I’ve had so many great nights at Fulham and that was probably the best one.

I signed my new contract here so I could take part in games like that and I’m really happy to be at this club.

Does this justify rejecting a move to Arsenal? I think so.

Nights like that are for the history books and something I will always remember.