All 20-odd thousand of us. That’s what Simon “Digger” Davies says in his interview on the offal today;

Sometimes I wonder if the fans realise how important they are. When they really get going at the Cottage they as good as anything else in the League, especially the Hammersmith End – they’re brilliant.

They almost suck us in towards them and if they can start the game like that on Thursday then they’ll be a massive, massive advantage for us.

So no pressure then. Although if the atmosphere on Thursday evening is half as good as it was for Shakhtar or Juventus, it’ll be absolutely stonking.

Davies goes on to say how much this game means to him and I love the tactful way he says that, essentially, no one believed we’d get to the semi-final;

It’s definitely the biggest game I’ve had for a club side. I’ve played some big games on the international stage against some big countries, and we had the game against Portsmouth to stay in the League, but this game, to reach the Final of a major tournament, is an unbelievable opportunity.

If you’d have told us that we would be in this position when we were travelling to Vetra last summer it would have stretched the imagination but we’ve got the chance now and we’ve done ever so well as a squad to give ourselves this chance.

You certainly have, Simon. You all certainly have.

Here’s to a clapper-tastic, chant-mendous Thursday. If ever there was a need, nay a duty, to get behind the boys this is surely it.