The offal published a lovely interview with the ever-popular John Pantsil yesterday, following his first full 90 minutes of football since his nasty knee injury at the hands (feet?) of our neighbours back in December. Obviously a full game for the Reserve Team suggests that we could soon be applauding his post-match lap quite soon but the interview doesn’t give anything away;

To play a full 90 minutes against Aston Villa on Monday was fantastic. It was very good for me. I’m looking to be involved with the First Team again very soon.

I feel very happy with the progress of my knee and much more confident and comfortable.

It’s not just his on-field talents that we’ll be looking forward to having back – JP is clearly as passionate about the team and the fans as we are;

I’m a Fulham player and I’m really happy with where we are at the moment. When it comes to the European games I’m a real fan!

I post messages on Facebook for the fans to read and see that I’m supporting the Team and they say some nice things that cheer me up too.

It’s a good family I’ve got here at Fulham and I promise the fans that very soon I will be cheering them again at the Cottage

Perhaps we’ll see him as soon as Saturday, even if it’s as a second half sub although if he managed 90 minutes on Monday maybe we’ll get more than that. After all, how could Roy refuse that beaming smile?