Not long ago was RVN connected with Fulham but the man himself has come out and said that he turned down Fulham because for ‘footballing reasons’ . He obviouslythought that our  little club by the Thames was below him. He also says that it would be a disaster if Hamburg do not make it to the final-

He added: “It is incredible that they are in a European semi-final, but they fully deserve their success.

“Having said that, if we don’t make the final it will be a total disaster. It is impossible to think we might fail.”

He continued: “Now I’m confident for this match and our dream is 180 minutes away.

“If we analyse history, Hamburg are better than Fulham, but that means absolutely nothing. Fulham have been a revelation in Europe this season.

I think he is being a bit to cocky by saying that it is impossible to think that they will lose. He claims that he respects us but I think he was just saying that. Also, the whole history bit? History is history. I hope the boys show him that we are not a small team anymore!