With Roy Hodgson expected to shuffle his pack once again for Sunday’s trip to Everton, Fulham skipper Danny Murphy has delivered a stout defence of squad rotation – saying that it is an essential part of modern football.

I am sure we’ll be criticised whatever we do at the weekend. But there has to be some more understanding. If you are not allowed to rotate the squad in a situation like this, when are you?

Nobody could have foreseen this situation, with the volcano and stuff, but even if that wasn’t the case, to be playing the two biggest games in the club’s history within seven days and have a Premier League game in between is exceptionally hard.

We have got where we are with rotation. Everyone knows there are certain players who are automatic choices but the ones in the background aren’t young kids, they are experienced international players.

It’s a debate I’m sure will go on. But people who know football realise that anybody would do the same in our situation and I fully expect to see a good few changes at the weekend.