The Screws of the World suggest that we might be about to sign John Carew for around £3.5m – on the basis that he’s bought an apartment in nearby Battersea. That’s some quality stalking and excellent mathematics (Norway + Roy + riverside apartment = FFC) on what must be a bit of a slow news day.

I have to admit to not having picked Carew up on my radar so I don’t know an awful lot about him. Would Roy sign another forward though? I’d have thought we have just about enough cover in that area – not that I’d refuse someone of Carew’s quality and experience of course. I also can’t see Roy paying £3.5m for a player – as Dan pointed out yesterday the £4m being mooted for Marc Wilson is a lot for a club like Fulham, and I’m not sure 500k is enough of a difference for Roy to think “Bargain!”. Only time will tell I suppose.