For a Premier League veteran, as he must now surely be, Mark Schwarzer’s still very agile. He could be in the Fulham goal for a few years yet.

First, Roy Hodgson on the evergreen Aussie:

Mark did a fantastic job. If you don’t have a goalkeeper who commands his area and who can take shots that he should take, then you lose the game.

Some of the best goalkeepers in the past have gone on to over 40.

Schwarzer sounds like he’s not planning to retire any time soon, either:

I’m enjoying myself more than ever, and I’m probably close to being as fit as I’ve ever been in my whole career. I want to keep going as long as I can. As long as I’m enjoying it, and able to play at this level, why not?

Cannily, the experienced campaigner refused to be drawn on another meeting between Fulham and Liverpool this season: in the Europa League final.

It’s in our own hands. It would be a tremendous achievement for the players and club. We’re all fighting for the same cause, we all want to be successful. We’ve got to stay focused and keep determined, and then the sky’s the limit for us.