Roy Hodgson has said that dispite Hamburg losing their manager close to the tie with Fulham, he is still expecting a tough test. The tie is still hanging in the balance after the goaless draw at the Nordbank Arena nearly a week ago.

“They have played many, many games together, the assistant has stepped in, so there will not be any vast change of philosophy.

“I am expecting the same type of Hamburg we faced a week ago.”

He makes a very good point. Although the players may still be adjusting to losing the man in charge of them, they still have the same players around them. The assistant manager is now in charge for the foreseable future meaning that they will already be used to his still of coaching. This is in no way going to make tomorrow night easier, in fact it is either very good or very bad for Fulham. They could come out fighting just for their manager!

It all depends on Fulham tomorrow night though. Hamburg will need a goal because it is anlikely that we fail to score at home. Preventing that away goal is crucial.